Acafan Glossary

Glossary of "acafan" terms that supported my research, which I adapted from my dissertation. I hope you find them useful! 
This page was last updated July 2023.
Activist music (for empowerment) |
Música activista (para el empoderamiento)
Musical pieces that follow a sound and storytelling strategy to organize, protest and make visible social injustices.

Hardware and software properties to which people engage with in social media, platforms, apps and other media technologies, defining specific modes of usability and expression.

Amateurism | Amateurismo
Activity carried out without professional knowledge, status or professional involvement, in which individuals are not compensated for their practice/production.

Japanese animation genre that has generated a mass cultural phenomenon for the entertainment for all audiences.

Anime Music Videos (AMV)
Fan-created music videos based on anime.

Aggressive architecture | Arquitectura agresiva
Hostile digital innovations that prevent desirable interactions on platforms, constraining what their corporate creators consider "desirable audiences", and systematically disfavoring those who have not been valued favourably.

Audio meme
Flexible audio segments to be remixed, re-signified and replicated through additional audio or visual overlays.

Binge-watched music
Listening to music in digital format continuously (music marathon).

Cultural convergence | Convergencia cultural
Process that goes beyond technological change, connecting technologies, industries, markets, audiences, and datified systems.

Cultural industry | Industria cultural
Group of companies that produce, distribute and market products and services that categorically belong to the creative arts. Some of these would include books, films, series, music, and others.

Collective intelligence | Inteligencia colectiva
Process by which a group of individuals pool and share their knowledge, data, and skills in order to build common knowledge to understand or solve social issues.

Company-generated content (CGC)
Contenido generado por compañías (CGC)
Any type of content created by companies, agencies, associations, among other institutional agencies.

Version or reinterpretation different from an original song previously written and recorded by a composer.

Spread of a story through different media and platforms whose meaning does not make sense if the different story universes are not experienced. See, for example, the Star Wars saga, whose narrative is constructed through films, comics, series, animations, video games, and others.

Do it yourself (DIY)
Practice or ethic that refuses to accept the idea of acquiring goods or services, encouraging the manufacture, creation and repair of one's own through inspiration, interest and skill.

Digital storytelling | Narrativa digital
Sequence of events expressed through audio-visual language proper of the digital environment, where interaction is promoted through storytelling.

Digital vernaculars | Vernáculo digital
Languages, practices and customs native to the Internet and social media.

Disneyization | Disneyficación
Concept referring to the Walt Disney Company, which implies the transformation (homogenization) of something in order to idealize it (make it more pleasant and simple), based on the company's theme parks.

Ephemeral content | Contenido efímero
Any content whose digital programming makes it disappear after a stipulated period of time (e.g. Instagram stories are hidden after 24 hours). See also Evergreen content.

Evergreen content | Contenido perenne
Any timeless digital content, always available and current (or until its owner deletes it), that has no expiration date and may be of interest to users after the passage of time. See also Ephemeral content.

Enthusiasts of comics, movies, series, video games and other products from the culture industry. See also Fandom.

Abusive relationship based on the continued harassment or intimidation through digital media by fans of celebrities (or publicly recognized individuals), in which the fandom is unable to glimpse the difference between the fictional character and the real persona.

Fan edits
Fan-modified version of a film, in which material is deleted, edited or added to generate new interpretations of the original source.

Fan imagineers
People who create products and content through the imagineering process. See also Imagineering.

Fan trailers
Fan-modified version of a movie trailer, in which material is deleted, edited or added, focusing on plots or characters to generate new interpretations of the original source.

Fan vid / vidding
Music videos created by fans of cultural products in which they insert clip fragments regarding plots, characters, soundtracks, among others.

A community of fans of a particular hobby, person or phenomenon. See also Fan.

Fantasound | Sonido fantástico
Meaning and emotion addition based on synesthesia, whereby the music conducts the graphic content.

Fiction | Ficción
A set of events and characters that form non-real worlds from the imagination. See also Storytelling.

People who show a special interest in technology, computing and data.

Hypermedia | Hipermedia
Multimedia environment that embeds the hypertext feature, enabling the linking of these fragments to other snippets on the Internet. See also Multimedia.

Hyper-narrativity | Hiper-narración
Serialized circulation process of storytelling inside and outside the digital sphere connected by social community networks. An example of these hyper-narrative texts would be, for example, memes.

Homophily | Homofilia
Person's attraction to homonyms with whom he/she feels similar attributes in terms of age, sex, beliefs, interests, education, social background, among others.
Process of creation of products and services promoted by the Walt Disney Company, through which science, creativity and engineering converge.

In-group storytelling video | Vídeo narrativo grupal
Audio-visual piece that distinguishes collectives, building a sense of belonging on the basis of homophily.

Intertextuality | Intertextualidad
Meaning of a text based on the relationships or links perceived by the audience in other texts, using deliberate strategies such as quotation, allusion, plagiarism, pastiche, parody, among others.

Mainstream music | Música mainstream
Musical creations (either genres or specific songs) recognized and listened upon by a large audience, usually produced by the recording industry, radio stations, among others.

Generic term to refer to a wide variety of comic books and graphic novels originally produced and published in Japan.

Type of music or edited video composed of parts of different songs and/or images combined.

Digital communication asset that spreads rapidly among users, consisting of images, videos, GIFs, audios, among other formats, representing a common idea or feeling related to a culture or subculture that publicly accepts it.

Memification | Memificación
Mindful design of memes to convey information through effective and viral messages.

Mtvinian | Mtviniano
Those characterized by the production system of the Music Television (MTV) program.
Area or environment for the combined dissemination of texts, photographs, videos, images and audio.

Music challenges memes | Retos musicales virales
Music trends disseminated on the Internet, preceded by the hashtag symbol (#) in order to promote events, debates and socio-cultural phenomena.

Music curator | Curador musical
Person who selects, researches and generates lists and recommendation patterns that allow him/her to share musical content valuable to the audience, in order to generate audio memes, musical challenges or trends.

Music decolonization | Descolonización musical
Independence of musical products (albums, songs, singles...) traditionally produced and disseminated by the music and record industry, based on their appropriation and digital re-signification by any user for non-commercial and non-advertising purposes.

Music industry | Industria musical
Group of companies that create, record, produce and distribute music, ranging from record labels and radio stations to small clubs and small record labels.

Music performance | Interpretación musical
Interpreting music (playing instruments, giving concerts, appearing in music videos, among others).

Process by which a person participates in musical performance, whether by listening to it, composing it, rehearsing it, practicing it, dancing to it, or otherwise.

People interested in Japanese popular culture, especially everything related to manga and anime.

Peak music experiences |
Experiencias musicales únicas

Practices in which affection for music is shared, creating a sort of collective cultural memory that connects communities around the world with heterogeneous musical tastes.

Platformization | Plataformización
The process is similar to that of industrialization, which refers to the multifaceted transformation of globalized societies dominated by the control of platforms and the Internet.

Participatory culture | Cultura participativa
Set of knowledge, ideas, traditions and customs that characterize a relatively narrowly bounded environment for artistic expression and civic engagement, supported by informal creation, exchange and mentoring between experienced users and amateurs from around the world.

Popular culture | Cultura popular
Also known as mass culture or pop culture, it is constituted as a set of dominant or prevalent practices, beliefs and artistic productions in a given period of time, which result from the interaction of the masses with those prevailing cultural expressions.

Prosumer | Prosumidor
Person who simultaneously produces and consumes media and Internet content.

Self-network | Auto-red
Collaboration and cooperation of users that constitute a community (us).

Storytelling | Narrativa
Sequence and structure of events and characters that constitute a story. All fiction is structured as a storytelling, but not all stories are necessarily fictional. See also Fiction.

Transliteracy | Transalfabetización
Ability to read, write, interact, understand and critically reason in (and about) the use of platforms, technological tools, digital media and social networking sites.

Transmedia asset | Activo transmedia
Element or file capable of being recombined, replicated, reproduced and re-signified.

Transmedia music (transmusic) | Música transmedia
Fan-created musical piece that spreads a story based on a pre-existing cultural product, resulting from the interaction between humans, music and storytelling.

Transmedia storytelling | Narrativas transmedia
The process in which the integral elements of a fiction are systematically spread through different channels to create a unified and coordinated entertainment experience in which people (fans) contribute to the development of the original story.

User-generated content (UGC) |
Contenido generado por el usuario (CGU)
Any type of content (text, video, images, audio, etc.) created by users on the Internet.

Video activism | Vídeo activismo
Audio-visual piece whose discourse is placed outside governmental and marketing logics in an attempt to disseminate messages that engage public opinion in order to transform it into empathy and action.

Audio-visual piece with original segments of a music video inserting elements from other media projects.

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